Grey’s Anatomy Finale

Ok yeah, so I cry at Hallmark commercials, I’m a wimp, I’ll admit it. But tonight was full on ugly crying. You know, runny-nose-tears-dripping -down-the-chin-can’t-breathe-have-the-hiccups-type crying. All because of a stupid television show! Come on!

After it was over, I immediately called Carrie, who HUNG UP ON ME because she hadn’t seen it yet and could tell I was crying and didn’t want me to ruin anything, but dammit, I had to talk to someone! I called my mom and talked for a couple minutes about how sad it was and she says “They’re mad now huh?” I said “what??” and we realized we were talking about different shows. Ugh! You can’t explain 3 hours of television in 3 minutes or less and expect the other person to give a shit. So here I am, sitting alone whining about it on my blog, where no one is listening (at least not immediately) and I have to wait for Carrie to finish watching it on TIVO. sigh…

I’m going to go find a chat room or something – I need feedback dammit!


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