Babies and Puppies, the cutest things ever

My sister’s dog had puppies. They’re really cute. We had a Father’s Day get-together on Saturday and I took WAY too many pictures of them and my sister’s kids. Especially the baby, Katie-Ann, I just can’t stand how cute she is!

Here are a few of my favorites.
Katie- Ann 061706

This is Eli…”loving” his puppy. :) Don’t worry, the puppy survived the “love” lol

My sister’s two oldest, Derek (standing) and Nathan. This is the FIRST picture I’ve gotten of Nate in YEARS that he wasn’t giving me a goofy look or avoiding the camera at all costs. I don’t know why he decided to allow this one, but I’m just happy my battery lasted long enough to get it.

My big sis, Michelle, came down for Father’s Day, surprised the heck out of dad, and then fell in love with the puppies. I was supposed to send her this and a couple other photos, but I don’t have her email!

and here’s the last one, that’s mom holding the puppy, not that you can tell, but it is. Really :)


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