Decisions decisions – UPDATE

I sat down with my parents tonight and had a long talk about all the stuff going on (see last post) and the ideas/questions/dilemmas bouncing around my head. When all else fails, ask mommy and daddy, right? lol We all talked until almost midnight, which surprises me considering my dad never stays up that late.

Anyway, they really helped with the direction I needed. Just someone to tell all the stuff bouncing around in my head and see if they thought I’d lost my mind. Apparently I haven’t done that. Don’t know how much I had to start with, mind wise, but whatever I had – I haven’t lost it….yet.

They helped me make a couple decisions that I couldn’t really make without some backup and info from people who’ve been there and whom I respect immensely.

First, I am now officially in the market for a house.

Second, I’m not crazy and this is a good direction to head in and third, if my boss isn’t forthcoming with the raise, I’m going to be in the market for a new boss as well.

I think they may have an inflated idea about what someone in this town can make, but they were and are right, I deserve more money than I’m making and its about time I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

They also, surprisingly, were very much into the idea of me buying the place I’m in. They brought up a few points that I hadn’t thought of, such as the fact that this place would be a great investment for a “flip”. It’s right in the middle of town, directly off the highway (but not close enough to be annoying) on an acre of land. There is a new housing development that is going in directly across the street with new mid-priced houses going in which will probably bump up the property value of this place, and if my landlords are interested in selling, probably wouldn’t be a bad price. May or may not be in my range, but it’s definitely worth asking about. And wouldn’t it be nice if I bought this place, stayed where I was until the housing development was in and then sold for a nice profit so I could get a better/bigger place once Ally is in middle school?

Probably a pipe-dream at this point, but worth looking into at any rate. And its nice to have a direction again, something to do except worry and freeze up, which is what I was doing for the last week.

Now I’m going to go eat the rest of my homemade strawberry milkshake and get ready for bed. Too much excitement too late at night :)


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