R.P.B.’s Unite!!

Friday sucked…Fridays always suck, but this was a doozy

Short version:

I was looking for something important and couldn’t find it. I looked in all the places it should have been. When I’d exhausted all the normal places I asked L, the person who does the filing, where it could be, she said “here.”

I said “Its not “here”, I’ve looked “here” twice, could it be somewhere else?”

She said, “No, I would only put it here”

I said, “but its NOT here, can you think of any other place you could have put it?”

“No”, she says, “I would only put it here”

“But it’s NOT HERE!!!” says the frustrated me

“Oh…so this is MY fault?!” says the close-to-being-murdered L

I lost my patience and my temper, I yelled and stormed out of the room to keep looking.

A minute or two later, L storms past me, grabs her purse and starts clocking out. When I asked where she was going, she says: “I just can’t take being treated like this anymore! I promised (our boss) I wouldn’t quit, but I just can’t take this anymore!” Out the door she goes – FOREVER.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me and the rest of the world – except the people I work with and probably my ex – I am a Raging Psycho Bitch who has made this girl’s life hell since day one. Hmm, odd, no one mentioned they had a problem with me until now – but okay…now what??

I stood there frozen for about 45 seconds trying to form some coherent thought and in walks L. Forever is equal to 46 seconds, did you know that? She has forgotten her personal items and seems to think I will burn them in effigy if she doesn’t retrieve them immediately. (I am a Raging Psycho Bitch, remember?) As she’s grabbing her photos and stuff we started talking, I apologized for yelling and then we sat down and talked.

All I gleaned from the conversation is that I am mean, bossy (I admit that one, but with the caveat that I tell EVERYONE I’m bossy and that they are free to tell me to shut up if it gets to be too much), and overbearing to both her and our boss and that I make her feel stupid.

I suppose I could work on that, but I think I prefer to be a Raging Psycho Bitch, now that I know I am one.

Anyway…she didn’t quit, she acted as if nothing happened for the rest of the day and Monday we get to have an “office meeting” where I plan to test out my new and improved R.P.B. status.

Won’t this be fun?

What really pisses me off about this whole dramatic scene is that I have worked SO hard on not treating her like the idiots we had before her. I try very hard to give her her own lee-way and stay out of her way unless she tells me she needs me. I don’t interfere when she makes little mistakes because there are some things that are just easier to learn on your own. I’ve covered for her when she made big mistakes, I’ve calmed the “my way is better” feelings a TON and I’ve been stepping back in a lot of little ways and giving her more control. I thought I was doing pretty well, not perfect by any means, but lots better than before. So much for what I think though, Raging Psycho Bitches are notoriously delusional you know.

And for all that work and worry, I still get labeled a bitch. Should have just left things as-is and had a ton less stress.

And yes – that is the shortest my versions get, deal with it

~ The R.P.B.


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