My Dentist Rocks

I’m high on pain pills right now – but unfortunately not high enough cuz my mouth still hurts!

So far this month I have spent almost $4,000 on my mouth. I have had one root canal, set two crowns, had about 10 fillings and I still have about 5 fillings to go and then I’m done!! I still need more crowns, but I can’t afford them yet.

I am also full-on shopping for a house. Ally and I have looked at one but we plan on looking at more this weekend. My real estate agent is HOT!! Married, yeah, but HOT!

Ally, Jesi and I went to see Night at the Museum a couple weeks ago. It was great. Funny, no innuendo, no cussing, no sex, no nudity. It has Ben Stiller, Dick Van Dyke, Micky Rooney and Robin Williams in it. I promise, if a 16 year old, an 11 year old, and an adult can all enjoy it so can you.

Okay, can’t type anymore – too high and getting cold sitting here. But hey, I updated and it hasn’t been months. Check me out. :)