You don’t write, you don’t call…

Okay here’s the 5 minute (or so) synopsis of my life in the last couple months.

Lord, where to start…

I tried to put in a preview of some of the more recent photos I’ve taken but this damned editor blog-city has now won’t let me. If you go to my site you can see them all. You won’t believe it, but I swear there are PEOPLE pics in the mix (or that that rhymed) :D Now on to the news.

  • Got that job I told you about. I am now a licensed private investigator and I am currently working on my first two cases. Things are starting out slowly, but that’s okay. So far, I’m loving the work.
  • Dad had heart surgery (a double femoral bypass) about 2 months ago. Recovery was long and slow and he gave us all a couple scares, but he’s much better now and slowly recuperating.
  • Quit smoking 3 weeks ago. Mom and dad both quit smoking when dad got out of the hospital – actually dad quit the day of the surgery and just didn’t start again, mom quit the day he got out. So I figured, if they can quit, so can I. So far it’s not that bad, just a matter of changing the habit more than getting over an addiction. I keep forgetting I don’t smoke and think, okay time for a cigarette and then have to correct myself, but other than that its going smoothly.
  • Hired a new “girl” at the office. She’s actually older than the boss, but really nice, very professional and (hopefully) going to work out really well.
  • The house I was talking about in the last post did fall through, apparently the Realtor I was with actually has a habit of getting to that crucial moment and then just disappearing. I went with another Realtor right after – although that one (his name’s Cody Simmelink if you’re wondering) keeps emailing me to “check in”, even though I have asked him not to, twice. Schmuck
  • Had a computer meltdown about a month ago – don’t know what happened but apparently my computer’s “System Go-Back” feature actually caused it to commit hari kari and ate the OS.   I called Dell (even though my computer is 5 years old and no longer under warranty) and the guy at Dell stayed on the phone with me for a total of 5 hours – with intermittent breaks while things restarted/rebooted/found itself/etc for a full day’s worth of work. That is why I will never buy another brand. I have had better service from Dell than any other computer/technology company I’ve ever dealt with. Not a commercial…just saying.
  • I have started taking walks every day. By myself for the most part, which is nice – gives me a break for myself for a little while each evening. I “discovered’ this really great park not far from home that has a path that goes through a beautiful demonstration garden and all the way around this huge park. It’s actually a mile (or so the little marks on the path say) so I end up doing about a mile or so every day. If the marks are lying, I don’t care – at least I can make myself feel good by saying I’m walking a mile per day.
  • One last thing. As a reward for the one or two people who got this far without falling asleep. :) I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! Yep, that’s right, as of the end of this week, I will officially be a home owner. Everything but the closing is done and I expect to close by the end of this week or the middle of next week – just a matter of if the paperwork gets done on or by Friday. The house is great – needs very little work (hardwood floors need refinishing, walls painted, few holes patched, etc). Its really close to my sister’s house, and very close to work. It’s in the school district that Ally needs to be in for next year (same middle school as all of her friends), in a good neighborhood – or at least no worse than where I am now. The price was perfect – almost exactly what I’m paying now, plus the amount I was spending on cigarettes before 3 weeks ago. No correlation between the two events, but the money thing did work out well.