Internet…the sequel


Yes, it’s true, after two weeks of wrangling with Charter about what customer service actually means and a $100.00 credit on my account (you know it’s been a tough week with the isp when they give you a 4 months free) I finally have internet at home. I won’t go into details because, at this point, who cares but the fact that I have internet should be as thrilling for you as it is for me.

I have recently found a few websites I have to share. Please don’t even try to figure out how I found fun websites while being without internet – let’s just say I should probably be fired at this point.

First of all, my all-time new favorite website – Passive Aggressive Notes

Just another reason why I never want a roommate and thank God I don’t work in a big office.

Some others you’ll get a kick out of:

My Crazy Roommate If nothing else, you have to read the Tron stories – just go on the right to the “tron” link, scroll to the bottom and commence laughter

Literally, a weblog This drives me crazy, literally – although I do pronounce literally as litch-ra-lee, so maybe that’s even worse. hmm

Apostrophe Abuse (now I see this stuff EVERYWHERE – it’s all this website’s fault, I never really saw them before. I mean of course I noticed the abuse, but I turned a blind eye for the most part, grr)

and last but not least: Wrong K. Miller I have a pretty boring/common name too – I should totally get a gmail account with it and see what happens! :)

Not much else I have the brain power to write down – more later, as always


Thinking of moving

So I’m thinking of moving again.

My blog, not me.

Ha, had you for a second right?

ANYWAY….blog-city is annoying me with some behind the scenes issues and there are some features on other sites I’d like to use. So I thought I’d put it out there and see if anyone who reads this would actually care if I did move.

SO…if you have an opinion, please use the comment feature and tell me.


SO not my fault!

It’s not my fault I haven’t updated (for once)! I haven’t had internet in *gasp* almost 3 weeks.

Yes, I’m having withdrawal pains, yes I’m ready to kill Charter Cable, no I won’t bore you with the details :)

I’m at work right now updating on the clock cuz the boss is gone and why the hell not? :)

Ally and I got all moved into our new house and already things have been going wrong, but nothing big so far – the bathroom sink has a little (thank God) leak and I am apparently not equipped to be able to hang up a toilet paper roll holder, but I did get to use my drill for something other than putting screws in the wall so that was cool. I hate unpacking by the way – almost more than packing. Its just that there’s always something in EVERY box that doesn’t go with all the other stuff. For example, I’m pretty sure my hair brush doesn’t go with the dirty clothes, but that’s where it was anyway. Or my mixing bowls in with stuffed animals from Ally’s room. How does that even happen? sheesh

Oh, and because my life is not anything if not full of crazy people, here’s some craziness for you:

When we moved out of the old house, I left – with the landlords’ permission, a washer and dryer that needed to be moved to my house but that no one had room for, or the energy to move. So, I asked if they would charge me to leave them in the storage unit behind the house for a few days until I got my dad’s trailer emptied out and had a pair of hands to get back there for them. They said they would not charge me the daily rent ($25.00/day) to leave them there and that it would be no problem. Cheryl (Mrs. Landlord) showed up on Sunday morning and requested the storage shed key so they could get some of their things out of the shed where the washer and dryer were. She confirmed that leaving the w/d there until the next day (Monday) would be fine. We said great, yeehaw and she left. 3 hours later, here comes Vern (Mr. Landlord) with his step-son with a trailer and my washer & dryer. They did not knock on my door, the did not call ahead, they did not request permission – they just decided to bring these things over to my house and drop them off.

I marched out and asked what they were doing – here’s the condensed version of the ensuing conversation:

V: “I decided that we would just drop them off.”
Me: “But I don’t have anywhere to put them!”
They both glance over at my garage as if to say – yeah right, they can go in there,
Me: “ I have a TRAILER parked in my garage – there’s no room in there.”
V: “Oh, we can shove them in there.”
Me: “I don’t WANT them shoved in there, that’s why I was waiting one more day. If you had just CALLED, I would have told you that!”
V: “Well Cheryl said she didn’t have your phone number”
I wanted to say “BULLSHIT” at this point, but I restrained myself
I was quiet for a couple seconds while they unloaded them and then,
V: “Ooh, that LOOK!” He giggles, “You look so mad!”
Me: “I AM mad!”
V: “Well look here, I’m doing you a FAVOR, girl, so GET USED TO IT!”
It was the “girl” that had me about ready to choke him, but once again I restrained myself

There’s a lot more, obviously, to the conversation, but that was the meat of it. You would be amazed at how restrained I was as I very quietly asked them to leave my property and never come back.

God, thinking about it almost a week later has me fuming! I wanted to slap them both!! Oh well, at least I never have to deal with them again.

We had a lady call the office yesterday asking if we took coupons. I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks! Yes we do, but only on coupon days – watch your newspaper for the ads. Hee hee


I got a phone call last night from some teenage girl asking me if I was Britney Spears’ aunt. Bad prank, but kinda entertaining nonetheless. God, and who would admit to being related to that twit anyway?

Pam, our newest employee, said today that she once got a computer virus that caused all of her icons on her desktop to “run away” from her mouse. You had to “catch” them to click on them, sometimes taking as much as 45 seconds to be able to open a program. OMG, I would pay a lot of money (as much as 10 whole dollars) to sic that virus on a few people and watch the hilarity ensue.

Gotta go for now – I have more to say, but I’m off work and should head home :)

Music Reviews

My new favorite singer/musician: Amy Winehouse

Seriously, you’ve got to check out her stuff, it’s amazing. Think The Supremes and a bad-ass biker chick combined into one person and you’ve got the idea. My favorite song is “Back to Black”, second favorite (for the title if nothing more) is “Fuck Me Pumps”. :D Also loving Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – who knew she had such a sweet voice when she’s not being all ‘check out my boobs and my ass and I’m gonna let it all hang out’. Plus, she’s got Milo Ventimiglia (aka Peter Petrelli) in her video – you can’t go wrong with Milo and fake tats – ooh hotty!!! :)

I’m really tired of listening to Hinder. Is it just me? I mean they’re great, but between they’re first single that got played TO DEATH and this new “Better than Me” song, I’m about ready to shoot myself. Enough already. Same with Fergie, but at least she’s got more than two songs to play ad nauseum. Plus, Fergie doesn’t look like she’s got a hairball when she sings and her videos, while similarily cheesy, don’t take themselves as seriously.

More stuff I’m loving:

Rihanna: My Umbrella (don’t understand it, but like it, what does umbrellas have to do with anything??) Side note, LOVE the song HATE the video. Why does a women with that great a voice feel she needs to get naked, or close enough, to sell her music? Especially when she’s only 19!

Brandi Carlile: The Story (love her voice and the emotion in the song)

Nellie Furtado: Her new stuff, specifically “Say it Right”, is really great.

I think I mentioned Rufus Wainwright before, but he’s still one of my favorite male singers at the moment and since I hadn’t named any other guys, I figured I’d remind you that I do like some guy singers :D

Oh! And Bon Jovi’s new song, (something about making memories) is AWESOME. Love it

Does it mean the world is going to end when Green Day is remaking John Lennon songs?? And what does it mean when it’s really good??


Three, count them, THREE posts in four days!! woohoo!

You would not believe what I did today. I got up EARLY (5:30a.m.) and went for my walk at 6 a.m.






Now that you’ve picked yourself up off the floor, no, I didn’t STAY up until 5:30, I GOT up at 5:30. :P

We haven’t closed on the house yet, we hoped to do it Friday (060107) but the paperwork wasn’t done yet. So. looking like Monday or Tuesday before they’ll be done and then I have to try to be all moved in by the 15th. That probably works better for everyone else, but it also means I’ll be paying for 7 or 8 more days in this house at $25.00 a day. Not exactly what I was hoping for with all the other expenses I’ll be hit with in the next few months.

I did my first interview yesterday on my new job, it was pretty cool and more than I expected so that’s cool. Now that I have some experience under my belt, I’m going to do my own interviews today. One at the jail and the other not.

I need to go shopping – isn’t it a rule that any new job warrants new clothes, even if you don’t HAVE to have them?

Gotta go get ready for the day now – have a great day!