Music Reviews

My new favorite singer/musician: Amy Winehouse

Seriously, you’ve got to check out her stuff, it’s amazing. Think The Supremes and a bad-ass biker chick combined into one person and you’ve got the idea. My favorite song is “Back to Black”, second favorite (for the title if nothing more) is “Fuck Me Pumps”. :D Also loving Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – who knew she had such a sweet voice when she’s not being all ‘check out my boobs and my ass and I’m gonna let it all hang out’. Plus, she’s got Milo Ventimiglia (aka Peter Petrelli) in her video – you can’t go wrong with Milo and fake tats – ooh hotty!!! :)

I’m really tired of listening to Hinder. Is it just me? I mean they’re great, but between they’re first single that got played TO DEATH and this new “Better than Me” song, I’m about ready to shoot myself. Enough already. Same with Fergie, but at least she’s got more than two songs to play ad nauseum. Plus, Fergie doesn’t look like she’s got a hairball when she sings and her videos, while similarily cheesy, don’t take themselves as seriously.

More stuff I’m loving:

Rihanna: My Umbrella (don’t understand it, but like it, what does umbrellas have to do with anything??) Side note, LOVE the song HATE the video. Why does a women with that great a voice feel she needs to get naked, or close enough, to sell her music? Especially when she’s only 19!

Brandi Carlile: The Story (love her voice and the emotion in the song)

Nellie Furtado: Her new stuff, specifically “Say it Right”, is really great.

I think I mentioned Rufus Wainwright before, but he’s still one of my favorite male singers at the moment and since I hadn’t named any other guys, I figured I’d remind you that I do like some guy singers :D

Oh! And Bon Jovi’s new song, (something about making memories) is AWESOME. Love it

Does it mean the world is going to end when Green Day is remaking John Lennon songs?? And what does it mean when it’s really good??


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