Internet…the sequel


Yes, it’s true, after two weeks of wrangling with Charter about what customer service actually means and a $100.00 credit on my account (you know it’s been a tough week with the isp when they give you a 4 months free) I finally have internet at home. I won’t go into details because, at this point, who cares but the fact that I have internet should be as thrilling for you as it is for me.

I have recently found a few websites I have to share. Please don’t even try to figure out how I found fun websites while being without internet – let’s just say I should probably be fired at this point.

First of all, my all-time new favorite website – Passive Aggressive Notes

Just another reason why I never want a roommate and thank God I don’t work in a big office.

Some others you’ll get a kick out of:

My Crazy Roommate If nothing else, you have to read the Tron stories – just go on the right to the “tron” link, scroll to the bottom and commence laughter

Literally, a weblog This drives me crazy, literally – although I do pronounce literally as litch-ra-lee, so maybe that’s even worse. hmm

Apostrophe Abuse (now I see this stuff EVERYWHERE – it’s all this website’s fault, I never really saw them before. I mean of course I noticed the abuse, but I turned a blind eye for the most part, grr)

and last but not least: Wrong K. Miller I have a pretty boring/common name too – I should totally get a gmail account with it and see what happens! :)

Not much else I have the brain power to write down – more later, as always


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