and Voila!

Below is a note from my daughter I found next to my coffee machine this morning

Ally’s Note

To those who can’t read it, it says:

Dear Mom,

There is already water and a filter.

Just grind your beans and valah (voila)  :D

God she’s cute!


Question #2

Why does the fashion industry tout women over 5’9″ as the epitome of beauty – but all the shoe stores only sell a wide selection of shoes up to size 9 and then you’re on your own? Do they really think that tall women have small feet? Are they not aware that if a 6′ woman had size 7 feet, she’d fall over?

Perfect morning

I’m taking the day off.

I haven’t had a day off, without guilt, in a long time.  I feel like every day I’m off, I should be working on my 2nd job, or doing yardwork, or cleaning the house, or taking Ally somewhere or, or, or….

I’m very sure I’m not the only one, and maybe I’ll actually do something later today but I am NOT going to feel like I have to.  I refuse. So there

That’s not what I came on here to say though – I came on to tell you all about my morning.

Ally came in and brought me coffee, from a pot she’d made herself.  She did a great job, ground the beans, filled the pot, etc etc and didn’t poison me in the process.  The cup she brought me was a little cold (apparently she’d made the pot while I was still asleep and had no idea when I’d be getting up) and a little too sweet, but other than that, YUM. :)  Then she snuggled with me for 10 minutes and talked about what she wanted to do today.

Bet your kid(s) aren’t as sweet as mine.

One of those parents

Okay, I’m a horrible parent – but I have a great idea. You know how we just moved in to our new house? Have you ever used Google maps, the one with satellite pictures? Well, they’re pretty detailed, you can see people’s backyards, where people’s houses are, and I thought it’d be nice to look at our neighborhood, see what’s where, and see what’s on the next street over, etc.

So, umm, how weird and materialistic would it be to tell my kid to make friends with the kids whose houses have pools? It is 109 degrees today, it’s not like its without merit for her to want to have friends who have a pool. And its not like I would tell her not to make friends with people who don’t have pools, or would force her to hang out with people she didn’t like.

I said I was a horrible parent.

My homage to my new favorite site

I have found my new favorite blog….The Drive-by Blogger

And, in tribute to my new favorite blog, I’m going to steal one of his ideas. It seems that on a semi-regular basis he looks through his referrer log and finds out what people search for to send them to his site. I’d never thought to look before, but hey it was funny when he did it.

So, first search term:

Pre-teen blog

Okay, I’m just not sure if I should be offended that someone thinks I’m a pre-teen. Yep, I’m offended.

Julia Childs’ Potato Salad:

How the hell?? I understand that search terms are weird, that they’ll pick up anything you write and garble them up and say they match someone’s search terms – but Julia Childs’ potato salad. Who knew that lush even MADE potato salad and why the hell are they searching for it. Not only is this a search term – its more than one!

How did April get its name?

Well, my parents were watching a movie while preggers and started asking themselves what girls’ names worked with my middle and last name and went through every girls’ name until they found one they liked. And that’s how I got my name. Aren’t you excited to know that?

Piles of dead ants

What weirdo is searching for “piles of dead ants??” I can understand writing about it, I mean I lived it, see here for the beginning of that story, but why would you search for that??

and my personal favorite:

The Cellulite machine:

Ok, I was kind of offended by the pre-teen thing, but what the…? A cellulite machine?? What the &*^#$ is a cellulite machine anyway?? Does it make cellulite? Is that where cellulite comes from?

That’s just wrong in so many ways.