My homage to my new favorite site

I have found my new favorite blog….The Drive-by Blogger

And, in tribute to my new favorite blog, I’m going to steal one of his ideas. It seems that on a semi-regular basis he looks through his referrer log and finds out what people search for to send them to his site. I’d never thought to look before, but hey it was funny when he did it.

So, first search term:

Pre-teen blog

Okay, I’m just not sure if I should be offended that someone thinks I’m a pre-teen. Yep, I’m offended.

Julia Childs’ Potato Salad:

How the hell?? I understand that search terms are weird, that they’ll pick up anything you write and garble them up and say they match someone’s search terms – but Julia Childs’ potato salad. Who knew that lush even MADE potato salad and why the hell are they searching for it. Not only is this a search term – its more than one!

How did April get its name?

Well, my parents were watching a movie while preggers and started asking themselves what girls’ names worked with my middle and last name and went through every girls’ name until they found one they liked. And that’s how I got my name. Aren’t you excited to know that?

Piles of dead ants

What weirdo is searching for “piles of dead ants??” I can understand writing about it, I mean I lived it, see here for the beginning of that story, but why would you search for that??

and my personal favorite:

The Cellulite machine:

Ok, I was kind of offended by the pre-teen thing, but what the…? A cellulite machine?? What the &*^#$ is a cellulite machine anyway?? Does it make cellulite? Is that where cellulite comes from?

That’s just wrong in so many ways.


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