Perfect morning

I’m taking the day off.

I haven’t had a day off, without guilt, in a long time.  I feel like every day I’m off, I should be working on my 2nd job, or doing yardwork, or cleaning the house, or taking Ally somewhere or, or, or….

I’m very sure I’m not the only one, and maybe I’ll actually do something later today but I am NOT going to feel like I have to.  I refuse. So there

That’s not what I came on here to say though – I came on to tell you all about my morning.

Ally came in and brought me coffee, from a pot she’d made herself.  She did a great job, ground the beans, filled the pot, etc etc and didn’t poison me in the process.  The cup she brought me was a little cold (apparently she’d made the pot while I was still asleep and had no idea when I’d be getting up) and a little too sweet, but other than that, YUM. :)  Then she snuggled with me for 10 minutes and talked about what she wanted to do today.

Bet your kid(s) aren’t as sweet as mine.


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