How many times have I asked you to clean that?

Oh Oprah, how the mighty have fallen. Have you really run that low on topics??

Clean your Ho!


Busy, busy, busy

Yeah, I know, it’s been forever.  Chalk it up to working two jobs and school starting and you’ll be close.

Anyway, time for an update and I’m sure you’re all just DYING to know what your friendly neighborhood P.I. is doing.

They’re kind of throwing me into the deep end with a bunch of cases, and felonies to boot.  Lots of possession charges, one assault, and one malicious mischief.  I’ve had a few guys tell me how much they are innocent, one guy BEG me to allow him to stay in jail and a few say they’re guilty and just to get them the best deal possible.  I’ve interviewed more guys in jail than I think is healthy.  Is it bad when you walk in a room in the jail and 1/3 of the guys in the room wave and greet you by name??

On the other job, things are going fine – I suppose they are at least.  I’m tired of it and want out, but at the same time I know I need the stability and guaranteed money.  Can’t really beat my latest raise and the addition of 5 paid days off a year to what I already had a whole 5 (ooh la la) holidays paid per year.  I only got that last year.  Did I mention I’ve been there 5 years?  Did I mention I had to ASK my boss if I was getting a raise?

Do you understand why I’m tired of it?

Family’s good – Ally started middle school last week – which is freaking me out completely – I am not old enough to have a middle schooler, am I?

I keep running into the father of one of her friends, who I went to high school with, and BOY is he hot!  Way not in my league, but HOT and nice.

Speaking of guys, met one online who may or may not end up being a possibility for a relationship. Pluses:  he’s very funny, tall, has a job and his own home. Minuses: His job is 2.5 hours away, he’s a hunter, he doesn’t like t.v. and he’s 10 years older than me.  We talked on the phone today for about an hour and other than the fact that the reception wasn’t the best, it was a great conversation.  He seems to be holding back at time (like saying he won’t come down here until we’ve talked a few times more) but then jokes about being able to unsnap a bra one handed in seconds.  So, I’m a little confused about that.  If nothing else he seems to be good friend material.

Went and saw two movies this last week – Transformers and The Bourne Ultimatum.  Both were awesome, although Bourne had some issues.  When the close-ups are so extreme that I’m thinking more about the zit/mole on his chin instead of what he’s saying, it’s annoying.  Seriously, the entire scene I’m sitting there saying to myself “can’t they cover that, or fix it in editing or something…I mean it’s HUGE, and they’re paying this guy millions, you’d think they’d want him to look good – you’d think he’d want to look good!”  Then I’m trying to catch up because I’ve missed 4 minutes of conversation.  crap

Transformers was lots of  fun – funny, exciting, great effects.  That’ll be one I could see owning.  Who knew Shia Lebouf would grow up from Even Stevens to become a movie star??

I turned 31 on August 26th.  Not exactly thrilled about that, but I”m coming to terms with it slowly.  I should be used to it by about August 25th next year :)

Think that’s about it for updating – but I’ll add more if I think of more.