Just one thing

Have you ever heard the song “The Picture” by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow.

That song drives me nucking FUTS!!

Seriously, have you ever paid attention to the lyrics?? (go here if you haven’t)

It’s been 3 fucking days and these two are sleeping with other people and missing each other? Are you kidding me? I can be away from my kid for that long and not miss her yet and you’re telling me you’re sleeping with someone else AND missing this guy.


I’ve never been able to tell if they were cheating on other people with each other or cheating on each other with other people, but still…..3 days??

Gag me with a spoon.


I’m so mean

Here I am sitting at work on a Friday afternoon at 4:15, all by myself, SO ready to go home but essentially milking this last hour for all it’s worth and then I realized: Hey!  I haven’t updated my blog in months! and then and even more important thought hit me:  HEY!  If you leave now you’re only missing out on $12.00 what the hell are you waiting for??

So, I could update more, but I’m going to go home and veg instead.

Bummer for you. :)