My new favorite thing

If Oprah can tell you all about her favorite things and people care all about it, I can too, right? :)

This is mine…it is and it’s a programmable radio station (or stations) that you can listen to stuff you like and nothing else — or as close to that as you can come for free.  Anyway, if you listen to radio all day long at work or whatever, you’ll really like this.  Just sign up for free, put in your favorite artist or song and away you go.  If finds other artists or songs that are similar to that and plays those too.      The more you put in the more music it’ll play that match those.  Don’t put in too many different kinds though, make different radio stations for what you want, it seems that after a few too many genres it starts to play really random stuff.

Have fun with it and tell me what you think, I’m loving it so far.

Speaking of music, have you heard Alicia Keys’ new song? It’s awesome.