Today is…

I remembered today why I stopped reading other people’s blogs. It’s because I always feel either inadequate because they are SUCH good writers or because they have somehow figured out how to write nearly every day (or, shockingly, EVERY day) about their lives. Not only do the write all the time, but they’re funny! How the hell do you write every day and still be funny?

I consider myself a pretty funny person, really I do, but every day? Now that’s just not possible.

Half the time, hilarious/wacky/insane things happen to me but by the time that I’m done dealing with that situation and have time to sit down and write about it, I’ve forgotten how it started or why it was so damned funny to begin with.

Having a 12 year old does not lend itself to a fun-filled laugh fest. It leads to criminal charges and padded rooms.

Lately I’ve been more embarassed than amused with my life. For instance, there was the day I was trying to flirt with the guy at the grocery store (oh he was so cute) when my daughter decided to show off exactly how much of a snot she can be and exactly how little she cares about what she says to me or how she says it. I can’t even tell you what she said, but when the cashier at the grocery store gasps at something your kid says to you, you know it must be bad. The only redeeming factor during all this was that the cashier and the guy (who turned out to be married, sigh) both said “what is she, about 12?” as if they had both been there, done that. I wasn’t any less embarassed, but at least they acted like they knew how I was feeling and sympathized with me.

Speaking of flirting, I have decided to do that more. I won’t call it a New Year’s resolution because I hate those things, but I’ve just decided that since I can never tell if someone is flirting with me – because I apparently missed that class in high school – I will just be casually flirty with everyone and then I don’t feel like I’m missing an opportunity. So far it’s been fun, even if I haven’t gotten any dates out of it.

Did I mention I’m writing this at work? I’m too lazy to scroll back up and see, but I am and that’s because the boss isn’t here and as long as I sound like I’m being productive, all is well. :) Thank God Pam doesn’t play on the internet too much.

Ally and I will be going to my cousin Carmen’s for dinner tonight – she wants to sell me stuff but I love her anyway and it’ll be nice to reconnect. Apparently she and her husband (who I also love) are both DIY’ers and I’m hoping to glean help and advice out of them. :)

When I told her that I didn’t know where the water shut-off is for my house, she said that maybe they should come over to my house for dinner so they could check out a couple problems I’m having and give me tips and pointers while they’re at it. I’m thinking I’ll take them up on that offer, but not until I’ve seen what kind of housekeeper she is. Then I’ll know how much I have to clean before I let them in the door.


One response to “Today is…

  1. When I write, I like to think that i am writing back to myself. Almost a diary of what just happened to me.

    I haven’t read anything of yours (I will look around now)but I would always love to read about how you deal with the things (popular music and culture) that your child brings into the house.

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