Beautiful days are for outside

So here I sit at work on this beautiful day and in protest of being stuck inside, I am blogging instead of working.

Tomorrow, bright and early, I get to go to Ally’s school and have an emergency conference with 3 of her teachers.  Woo freaking hoo.  She’s still alive – buy maybe not for long.  Apparently, and I’m paraphrasing here, my kid is the bane of her teachers’ existence and they are tired of her shenanigans so they’ve called on me to do some actual butt-kicking.

And believe me, butt will be kicked.  Just off school grounds so I can’t get arrested.

Other than that, its been a really nice weekend. Got some cleaning and yard work done, went shopping for beds, mattresses and couches.  Ally had a bed all picked out, but Pam from work called yesterday and she just happened to have a full-sized bed that she doesn’t want and delivered it – with an almost new mattress and box-spring with it. So now I just have to deal with the “but I wanted…”  thing.

Oh, here comes the boss – back to this later!


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