Movie Trailers

Okay, I’m a movie fan, not a fanatic – and I am NOT one of those “OMG! There’s a new comic book movie coming out!” types of people.

But I saw the IronMan trailer today (go here to see it) and I’m actually pretty excited about it. 

What other movies am I excited to see? Well, here’s the short list (click the names to see the trailers):

Smart People

Indiana Jones (duh)

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden (Bush couldn’t find him, but the Super Size Me guy probably can!)

Get Smart I actually loved that show, Nick at Night ROCKS!

Superhero Movie

The Happening by M. Night Shyamalan (or Shamalamanimna – if you’re Ally trying to say his name)

Defiance it has James Bond and Liev Schreiber in it – who can go wrong with that?

Meet the Spartans – they kick Britney Spears down a well.  Just for that it’s worth my $8.00

Cassandra’s Dream – it’s written and directed by Woody Allen, who I totally dislike, but it has Colin Farrell and Ewan Macgregor in it so that makes up for it

Leatherheads -George Clooney and the sweet guy from the Office in a football movie!

The Air I Breathe – this is one of those movies that makes the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon SO much easier!

Nim’s Island

The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

Vantage Point – it’s got Dr. Jack from Lost without the Island – woohoo! oh yeah and some other people too. :)

and, finally Taken with Liam Neeson and Famke Janssen.

I know – “short list” – but, well, this is me we’re talking about! :)


2 responses to “Movie Trailers

  1. ummm…so maybe you should call your friend that likes movies and we could actually GO to a movie instead of just talking about it looking at the times and then going to applebees instead…

    just cause im broke doesnt mean we cant be CREATIVE about doing stuff!!

  2. Morgan Spurlock never ceases to impress me; first he made Super Size Me, which was amazingly insightful, and now he’s making a documentary designed to make people sincerely think about the war on terrorism… well done indeed

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