Bathroom repair for dummies

I’m at work so I plan on this post being (relatively) short, we’ll see how that goes.

LOTS of stuff is going on right now. First, I have construction going on at home that will be finished (I pray) by the end of this weekend. When it’s all done I will have all new plumbing, walls, paint and tile in my bathroom. It’s a long story how it got started but suffice it to say that when my parents get an idea in their heads (such as a PROJECT) it’s really hard to stop them. They, and my beloved g’pa, are paying for the whole shindig so there can be no complaints. There are complaints – really there are – but I know better than to voice them. Anyway, I picked out the tile (it’s gorgeous of course) and we will be installing it today, I think. And by “we” I mean mom and dad with me telling them where I want them and then going to work. There really is something to be said for parents who can be a little, umm, overbearing, at times. :)

So, good news: new bathroom for free (ish) — bad news: I haven’t had a shower in 5 days. Not to say I’m not clean, I just REALLY can’t wait until I can take a shower!

In other news:

My kid and I were driving home from somewhere and saw a guy riding his bike (not motorcycle, a bicycle) in our same direction. As we’re sitting at the light forced to stare at this guy’s spandex-covered ass (as well as the rest of him) she says “spandex is disgusting, why do people wear it??” I replied that it was okay on athletes but on normal people it was gross. She said yeah, I suppose, but it’s those other people that wear it that gross me out. I agreed and said “if you ever see me in spandex…just shoot me” she looked at me in absolute HORROR and yelled

“aww mom!! eww!! I need a delete button in my mind!!”

heehee, that’s even better than “I need to poke out my mind’s eye!” which was the previous ‘bad image in your mind’ exclamation.

That’s about it – I will be posting photos of the bathroom progress this weekend so you can see how much I haven’t been helping. :)

Oh and one other thing – while riding her brother’s bike home to go to her physical therapy appt. (for her left arm that she shattered a few months ago), the chain came off and my niece Samantha went flying.  She landed on her right arm and broke her elbow. So, bad news: broke the arm, good news: there is absolutely no doubt she’s related to me nor is there any doubt about her paternity. We are the family of odd/stupid/coincidental injuries. :)  Cami, mom, the doctor and I (all individually) said that we’re going to wrap her in bubble wrap to protect her from herself.


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