I am SO changing my name!!

This is from my new favorite site Overheard in the Office

She’s What Happens When the Witness Relocation People Smoke Too Much Pot

PA: Buffy Capri, please call the operator, Buffy Capri.
Secretary #1: Who the hell is Buffy Capri?
Secretary #2: I don’t know. An exotic dancer or a porn star?
Secretary #1: Buffy Capri, you’re wanted on the lido deck.
Secretary #3: She’s a paralegal. With a dumb name.

Atlanta, Georgia

By the way, while speaking of favorite things, my new favorite dessert is my homemade creamsicle milkshake. It’s freaking AWESOME.

Oh, and another one cuz I just can’t stop and this sounds so much like my boss:

Now That I’ve Talked to You Verbally

Boss on speakerphone: Yes, I need the data charts for the presentation tomorrow, could you e-mail them to me electronically?
Employee: Electronically? Uhhhh, yes, I’ll do it right away.

Houston, Texas

Overheard by: Corporate stooge