Virtual Bookshelf

I’m a little obsessed with adding books I’ve read and want to read to the Visual Bookshelf utility on Facebook.  It’s a little like a sickness.  Anyway, one of the features on there is to have it recommend books based on what you’ve already said you’d like to read or have already read.  Well, apparently I’m some sort of weirdo because this is what it keeps telling me:

Sorry, it seems like we could not provide you any recommendation at this time. Likely because anything we could suggest was already in your collection. Please refresh this page to give us another try.

Now I’m pretty sure I haven’t read EVERY book out there, so what the hell?  Either my tastes are SO weird that they just can’t seems to figure out what to recommend, or I have read every book in their databases that match my previous reads.

If that’s the case then aren’t I a little bit screwed for reading choices??  Do I have to start reading stuff I don’t like because I’ve run through everything I would like?

The mind boggles.


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