12/09 Movie roundup

I’ve watched quite a few movies lately, which is unusual because I normally don’t like sitting down and watching movies.  For some reason I just don’t like committing two (or more) hours to sit and watch a movie but I’ll sit at the computer for hours without pause.  Weird.

Anyway…I recently watched Up, Push, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and I think I’m going to watch the Watchmen tonight.

Up was WONDERFUL!  It was funny, of course, but what really surprised me was that it was really about an old man and how much he loved his wife.  The rest of the story surrounded that and had all the adventure, drama and suspense you’d expect but the sweetness of that man and the love of his life…yeah, totally sweet.

Push was STUPID.  Just dumb.  The story wasn’t fleshed out very well so I’d say it was bad, but who knows – if they’d actually made the effort to tell a whole story, it might have been good.  Unfortunately, it seems to start in the middle of a story, skip to the middle of another story and then end without cleaning up either stories.  Grr.  I’d rather have been folding laundry than watch that movie.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was not very good.  Made worse by the fact that I rented it as the entertainment for “girl’s night”.  Ally and I were so embarrassed by all the sex talk we turned it off halfway through.  I finished it after she went to bed but really wish I just hadn’t.  It was dumb, predictable and boring.  Imagine if Scrooge had been a male slut who really actually only loved the one woman who didn’t put up with his crap.  That’s this movie.  Save your money and rent Scrooged instead – at least that movie is funny!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was good.  It was dark, but its supposed to be.  I was unhappy with a couple of the switches they had to make to make the book into a movie, especially the fact that they spent WAY more time on the love lives of the kids than on the horcruxes and Voldemort’s history.  Its been a while since I read the book but, as happens every time a new HP movie comes out, I want to go back, read it and then be able to remember all the things they left out.

I also think they dumbed down the plot  so that more people understood what was going to happen.  If I remember correctly, the book barely talked about the cabinet.  I do remember being surprised about how was used at the end of the book but in the movie it was shown SO much that you couldn’t help but know it was going to be a major player in the movie.  I was disappointed by that because it took so much time away from other aspects of the book I would have liked to see more of – like Harry’s efforts to find out who the HBP was and where the name came from.  The background on Snape and his childhood were important, I thought. Oh well, there just wasn’t any way for them to make the whole book into a movie but this has to be my least favorite of the movies.


Hey man, your lyrics suck

Ally likes this song called “The Ocean” by Mae.

The actual song (rhythm/melody/etc)  is fine but the lyrics … gad.  Its to the point now that Ally won’t listen to it with me in the room because it makes me laugh which pisses her off.

The part the cracks me up is this:

Am I alone in this?
Never a night where I can sleep myself ’til day.
We must try to figure it out, figure it out.
It won’t be that easy.
We lost it somehow.

You come over unannounced.
Silence broken by your voice in the dark.
I need you here tonight,
Just like the ocean needs the waves.

Okay, first of all, I’m pretty sure the ocean doesn’t NEED the waves, the ocean would still be there if it didn’t have waves.

Second, if it does need waves, its needs them to stir up the muck at the bottom of the ocean so that the dead stuff down there can get found by the fish.  So…the fish need the waves, not the ocean.

Third, I will concede that without the waves we wouldn’t have beaches or at least not the sandy, pretty ones we like. So…the fish and the beaches need waves.

I still don’t see how the ocean needs the waves.  If anything this guy is telling this perfectly nice girl, yeah you can come over.  I don’t really NEED you to, but if you do you can stir up the muck around my house so it’ll rot faster.

How romantic.

Random musical thoughts

Ryan Adams singing Wonderwall.  Awesome song. Love the emotion in the song. Could listen to it endlessly.

New Boyz’ “You’re a Jerk” cracks me up.  Its stupid but funny and catchy.  Will be tired of it in a week but love it for the moment.

What the hell is wrong with Kanye West?  Does anyone know?  Does anyone care?  When are they going to stop inviting him to awards shows?  Every time I’m listening to his music on the radio I imagine him interrupting himself just to say how great he is.

Speaking of Kanye…Taylor Swift is starting to REALLY annoy me.  Her songs are all sounding the same at this point and why in the hell does she breathe like that?

Why I hate Fridays

No one ever thinks I’m serious when I say that I hate Fridays but its true.

If something is going to go wrong it’ll happen on a Friday.

If people are going to be pissy, snotty, in a hurry, missing a sense of humor, or rude I’ll have to talk to them on a Friday.

Every task that I wasn’t able to do all week (or put off all week) will HAVE to be done on Friday.

Every task that I need to do next week will now need to be done on Friday.

Fridays are days when people don’t want to work and are pissed at me when I make them.

Fridays are days when people call the office with an EMERGENCY and don’t understand why I can’t fix it before the weekend. Nevermind that they’ve known about this emergency since Tuesday.

You still don’t believe me? Well, let me give you an example of a Friday. This is all true, exactly how it happened and if you don’t believe me, ask the people I work with.

Woke up late (nothing new here) I usually don’t worry about what time I get to work as long as I beat my boss. Not that she says anything, its just a goal. Anyway, ran to get my only clean pair of jeans out of the dryer and realize my cat has peed IN THE DRYER. She only ended up peeing on two things, but of course one of them is my jeans. So much for clean jeans.

Pull into the parking lot at work right behind my boss. End up walking into the office with her. Lovely. Well…at least I don’t smell like cat pee.

As I’m getting my cup of coffee I get a call from an opposing counsel’s secretary. I spend the next 10 minutes getting my head ripped off by a snotty, pushy woman who insists that I am a moron. Now I’m too pissed off to even drink the damned coffee.

Spend the rest of the morning scrambling to get an ex parte order written and arguing with my boss about the best strategy on the case. I won that argument, but that means more work for me. Its Friday, so I have 3 other projects that HAVE to get done today but now I have to do all this first.

Have to unplug my printer 3 times and restart WordPerfect twice to get documents to print because my computer has decided NOT to communicate with the printer unless I jump through hoops. Because its Friday and it doesn’t want to be there any more than I do.

Meanwhile my boss has taken up residence across from me at my desk. She has moved my things out of her way and brought her work in there instead of going into her office with her desk. Apparently she wants company.

I didn’t get a real lunch hour (too much to do) but that’s okay, I’ll just run to the Sunmart, get a pop and a red bull (remember, I didn’t drink my coffee so now my ass is dragging). Get the pop and the red bull, go to the car and open the red bull which was dumb because the pop doesn’t fit in the cupholder very well and I should really hold the pop on the drive. Oh well, I’ll just be careful. Pull out of the parking lot – no problem. Drive the mile back to the office – no problem. Pull into our parking lot – no problem. Turn the corner in the parking lot to park the car – pop flies across the car. In my reaction to grab the pop before it spills, I take my hand off the steering wheel mid-turn which means I’m now heading directly for a tree. Slam on the breaks to keep from hitting said tree and the momentum causes my purse to go flying off the passenger seat and into the 32 ounce puddle on the floor. Upside down.

Good news? I didn’t hit the tree.

Throughout the day, every time my cell phone rang or I got a personal call or text, you can bet the boss was RIGHT THERE. Not that she cares a lot when we take care of stuff like that, but she does frown on it when its in her face and when we’re busy. Both of which were true today. Because its Friday, of course.

One of our newer clients comes in, I’ve only met him once and I have no idea if he even has a sense of humor. He is accused of domestic violence assault. He tells me that the last time he was in the office he saw the “victim’s” mother in the parking lot. I explain that the next time something like that happens, he should have one of us walk outside with him so we can protect him from an accusation of inappropriate behavior.  I say “you need a witness, its not like I’m going to beat her up or something…”  Ha. Yes, very funny dumbass.

Fast forward a couple hours, my foot has been surgically removed from my throat. The boss needs to leave. She has made that very clear. I tell her I can do this one thing before she leaves and then we won’t have to scramble on Monday morning. She says she’ll wait if its only going to take a minute. Then she says she also needs three other things done on that file before Monday.

I say “Well obviously that’s going to be more than a minute, so why don’t you go ahead and go? We’ll just have to scramble on Monday.”

I move on to other projects, planning on getting back to the boss’ list of things to do after finishing a few things.  Five minutes later the boss comes in my office and snippily says “I HAVE to leave now.” I say, confused, “Are you waiting for me?” She says “Yes! You said you wanted me to wait for you!” We then figure out that she wasn’t listening to me at all when I told her she should go.  She’d been sitting in her office doing whatever and waiting for me to bring her things to sign.  When we get that cleared up she’s still pissed off at me and marches out.  Good Lord.

The rest of the day is basically more of the same. Nothing major happens, just lots of scrambling to get things done before the end of the day. Don’t actually leave the office until 6:00.

So yeah, that’s a “normal” Friday for me. Do you get it now?

Still here a year later

Today seems like as good a day as any to write a post…I miss blogging some days but most of the time its so hard to find the time to write as much as I want (and sound coherent) and then I feel guilty for not writing more.  Every time I dig out the blog and post something I promise I’m going to be better this time and post more.  Seriously, I don’t know why I do that – we all know I’m a big fat liar.   So, I’ll post when I feel like it and when I can.  That’s what Google Reader is for – it’ll tell you when I’ve gotten off my ass to write.


Ally turns 14 tomorrow.  I just cannot believe that.

We (meaning I) had two parties this year for her; one for family (sis/hubby & 6 of their 8, mom/dad, g’pa) and then today we had the friends party.  The family party was at our house which is WAY too small for all those people, but I can’t afford anything else, so whatever.  At least we like each other! A while ago I saw a rainbow cake and decided I really wanted to make it, then I saw the rainbow cupcakes and REALLY wanted to make those.  When I showed Ally she was not as thrilled (I think her exact response was “eh”) but when I said it didn’t have to be a rainbow she got into it.

First we were going to do shades of yellow, then it was going to be shades of green, then hot pink and bright green with yellow icing.  In the end, this is how it turned out:

Ally loved it – the pink was insanely PINK and stained everything it touched.  It was fun to make though and I got to use the stand mixer my great uncle gave me for the first time.  I’m telling you, that thing makes me feel like how boys must feel when then get to use a power saw- its just COOL.

Carrie came over the morning of the 2nd party and puff painted names on t-shirts for each of the kids.  She offered to help but ended up doing it all just because she is SO good at it!  I could have never done them as good as she did.  Here’s what they all looked like at the end:

All I can say is CARRIE ROCKS

We invited 15 kids (b/c last year only 2 of the 8 we invited showed).  This year, all the boys showed up except one, but only one of the girls did.  Why is that do you think?  Why would the boys be more reliable than the girls?  One of the girls, a really good friend, actually confirmed multiple times but never showed.  I find that completely weird but hey, what do I know.

Ally wasn’t too upset about the whole thing (possibly because she was surrounded by boys for 2 hours).

Chad and I got through both parties without bickering at each other or sniping so it was a win.  Jesi and her ‘friend’ came.  The friend seems nice, but she annoys me.  I can’t decide if its because she’s really been a jerk to Ally lately or if its the fact that I can’t tell her what to do and I want to FIX her life.  It makes me crazy, but that’s for another post I think.  Its hard having an adult (ex)step-daughter because what little input I had in her life when she was younger is now gone, but I still WANT to tell her everything. That may also be because I have some control issues, but whatever.

The cake for this party was equally cool, but I didn’t make it

Can you tell we like BRIGHT colors this year?

And again, the icing was so colorful it stained everything…

We had fun, I didn’t break the bank completely and I kept my cool through two parties and cleaning the house so I’m happy. Almost as happy as Ally was right at this moment:

Ally just walked in while I was writing this post and said  “this was the best birthday ever” — I guess that says it all.