Still here a year later

Today seems like as good a day as any to write a post…I miss blogging some days but most of the time its so hard to find the time to write as much as I want (and sound coherent) and then I feel guilty for not writing more.  Every time I dig out the blog and post something I promise I’m going to be better this time and post more.  Seriously, I don’t know why I do that – we all know I’m a big fat liar.   So, I’ll post when I feel like it and when I can.  That’s what Google Reader is for – it’ll tell you when I’ve gotten off my ass to write.


Ally turns 14 tomorrow.  I just cannot believe that.

We (meaning I) had two parties this year for her; one for family (sis/hubby & 6 of their 8, mom/dad, g’pa) and then today we had the friends party.  The family party was at our house which is WAY too small for all those people, but I can’t afford anything else, so whatever.  At least we like each other! A while ago I saw a rainbow cake and decided I really wanted to make it, then I saw the rainbow cupcakes and REALLY wanted to make those.  When I showed Ally she was not as thrilled (I think her exact response was “eh”) but when I said it didn’t have to be a rainbow she got into it.

First we were going to do shades of yellow, then it was going to be shades of green, then hot pink and bright green with yellow icing.  In the end, this is how it turned out:

Ally loved it – the pink was insanely PINK and stained everything it touched.  It was fun to make though and I got to use the stand mixer my great uncle gave me for the first time.  I’m telling you, that thing makes me feel like how boys must feel when then get to use a power saw- its just COOL.

Carrie came over the morning of the 2nd party and puff painted names on t-shirts for each of the kids.  She offered to help but ended up doing it all just because she is SO good at it!  I could have never done them as good as she did.  Here’s what they all looked like at the end:

All I can say is CARRIE ROCKS

We invited 15 kids (b/c last year only 2 of the 8 we invited showed).  This year, all the boys showed up except one, but only one of the girls did.  Why is that do you think?  Why would the boys be more reliable than the girls?  One of the girls, a really good friend, actually confirmed multiple times but never showed.  I find that completely weird but hey, what do I know.

Ally wasn’t too upset about the whole thing (possibly because she was surrounded by boys for 2 hours).

Chad and I got through both parties without bickering at each other or sniping so it was a win.  Jesi and her ‘friend’ came.  The friend seems nice, but she annoys me.  I can’t decide if its because she’s really been a jerk to Ally lately or if its the fact that I can’t tell her what to do and I want to FIX her life.  It makes me crazy, but that’s for another post I think.  Its hard having an adult (ex)step-daughter because what little input I had in her life when she was younger is now gone, but I still WANT to tell her everything. That may also be because I have some control issues, but whatever.

The cake for this party was equally cool, but I didn’t make it

Can you tell we like BRIGHT colors this year?

And again, the icing was so colorful it stained everything…

We had fun, I didn’t break the bank completely and I kept my cool through two parties and cleaning the house so I’m happy. Almost as happy as Ally was right at this moment:

Ally just walked in while I was writing this post and said  “this was the best birthday ever” — I guess that says it all.


One response to “Still here a year later

  1. awww…best birthday ever…so cool! i love the picture of them all in a line and the black tongues..haahaa

    and she looks soooo happy in all the pictures…its all you can hope for :)

    youre a good mama…love you!

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