12/09 Movie roundup

I’ve watched quite a few movies lately, which is unusual because I normally don’t like sitting down and watching movies.  For some reason I just don’t like committing two (or more) hours to sit and watch a movie but I’ll sit at the computer for hours without pause.  Weird.

Anyway…I recently watched Up, Push, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and I think I’m going to watch the Watchmen tonight.

Up was WONDERFUL!  It was funny, of course, but what really surprised me was that it was really about an old man and how much he loved his wife.  The rest of the story surrounded that and had all the adventure, drama and suspense you’d expect but the sweetness of that man and the love of his life…yeah, totally sweet.

Push was STUPID.  Just dumb.  The story wasn’t fleshed out very well so I’d say it was bad, but who knows – if they’d actually made the effort to tell a whole story, it might have been good.  Unfortunately, it seems to start in the middle of a story, skip to the middle of another story and then end without cleaning up either stories.  Grr.  I’d rather have been folding laundry than watch that movie.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was not very good.  Made worse by the fact that I rented it as the entertainment for “girl’s night”.  Ally and I were so embarrassed by all the sex talk we turned it off halfway through.  I finished it after she went to bed but really wish I just hadn’t.  It was dumb, predictable and boring.  Imagine if Scrooge had been a male slut who really actually only loved the one woman who didn’t put up with his crap.  That’s this movie.  Save your money and rent Scrooged instead – at least that movie is funny!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was good.  It was dark, but its supposed to be.  I was unhappy with a couple of the switches they had to make to make the book into a movie, especially the fact that they spent WAY more time on the love lives of the kids than on the horcruxes and Voldemort’s history.  Its been a while since I read the book but, as happens every time a new HP movie comes out, I want to go back, read it and then be able to remember all the things they left out.

I also think they dumbed down the plot  so that more people understood what was going to happen.  If I remember correctly, the book barely talked about the cabinet.  I do remember being surprised about how was used at the end of the book but in the movie it was shown SO much that you couldn’t help but know it was going to be a major player in the movie.  I was disappointed by that because it took so much time away from other aspects of the book I would have liked to see more of – like Harry’s efforts to find out who the HBP was and where the name came from.  The background on Snape and his childhood were important, I thought. Oh well, there just wasn’t any way for them to make the whole book into a movie but this has to be my least favorite of the movies.


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