You want me to put it where??

I have this thing in my office that is best described as a stack of cubbies.  It used to be out in the reception area of the office and was used as a filing system for forms that we needed handy access to: like coversheets for faxes, transmittals for stuff we were sending to court, etc.

After a while, we were only using maybe one or two forms out of this thing and it was just in the way and ugly so we moved it into my office and I use it to put my envelopes, labels, and other crap in.  It is only about half full and sits under my desk but whatever – its not taking up space.  The forms got moved into a binder called, conveniently, the forms notebook.  Its even labeled “FORMS NOTEBOOK” in big fat letters.

Anyway, boss comes in my office today with a document, kneels down and starts reading the old labels on each cubby.

Boss: “I have this form, we don’t need it very often but we need to save it….”

Me: “Forms don’t go in here”

Boss: “We won’t need it very often, but we need to keep it”

Me: “Forms don’t go in here”

Boss: (finally looks at me with a confused look on her face) “But we need to save it.”

Me: “Okay, but forms don’t go in here.”

Boss: “You think I should put it in the forms notebook?”



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