Library madness

I went to the library last night and was very disappointed in my experience.  I love going to the library and enjoy almost every visit there.  Yesterday, however, was a bummer.

First, it was HOT in there! Not “we’re saving money so our a/c is on low”  hot, but “the a/c is broken and we don’t care” kind of hot. It was 85° outside and probably the same inside, without the benefit of a breeze or fresh air.  I had to visit the Information desk and when I asked the librarian how long it had been hot in there she answered non-sarcastically “Since it started warming up outside.”  Really? Thanks for the non-info Information lady!

Second, while standing in line for the Information desk, I watched as one librarian helped a patron and another librarian sat at her computer clicking and typing away.  I assumed that both librarians were busy and if not, computer-using librarian would call me over to her side of the desk.  As I waited, and sweated, and waited, computer-using librarian never looked up, never said anything to me (even though I made sure I was in her line of sight) or to her co-worker.  After about 5 minutes, a kid walked up to computer-using librarian and started asking questions.  I figured if he could interrupt her, so could I and went to her side of the desk when he left.  I told her that I hadn’t wanted to interrupt whatever she was doing but since she had immediately stopped “working” on her computer, she must not have been as busy as I thought.  She looked at me and said “well that’s why I’m here” in a snotty tone like I was the one who had just ignored a patron for 5 minutes.  Jerk.

Maybe the heat was getting to us all.


One response to “Library madness

  1. They have the best job in the world…you would think they would be a lot nicer!! I love love self checkout so that i dont have to feel JUDGED for my overdue fines everytime I check out a book. Cause i know me not paying my 1.40 is going to have dire consequences soon! hey…maybe thats why they dont have money for the AC!! ha!

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