Myspace, your space and photos

My kid got a Myspace – I’m not thrilled about it but couldn’t keep her from it forever (especially after she’s been grounded from ALL computers for the last 5 months).  Be that as it may, she decided to take pics of herself to share with the world.  Don’t worry, they aren’t bad…and they aren’t bad! :)  Take a look at my cutie kid and guess which one is my favorite. ally11





Isn’t she cute??  lol  Oh, and just so you know where she gets it – here’s a pic of Jesi, her gorgeous big sister (whom she of course idolizes).



I’m not the only crazy one

See the statue?

The Statue

See my weirdo mother, daughter and sister in the swanky bathroom on the Parade of Homes?

Mom and Ally, Cami is waiting her turn apparently
Now mom is slow on the uptake.

I always said I wasn’t the only crazy one in the family.

Now all we have to do is work on the timing and synchronizing.

Next time we’ll do The Thinker for you.

Things they are a-changing

Ok, so check it out, I now have Twitter (look to your right and you should see the last few updates), I have a new layout (check out the awesomeness that is my Header – yes, I took that picture) AND I may, sometime this weekend actually have a non-leaking, fully functional bathroom.  If and when it ever gets done, I do promise to share photos.  :)

Happy Weekend all!

Google Reader

Okay, I admit, I have worked and tried and I have found the wonder that is Google Reader. However, it is just not as great as I wished it were. Half the fun of reading a blog, especially by someone you don’t know is seeing their blog – seeing their personality come out in the layout, the colors, the design, the extras, and the photos. Not only does Google Reader not have any of that, it isn’t even pretty in its own right.


Sorry Carrie, but I think I will only use Google reader only in those horrible moments when I can’t remember the address for your blog.

Oh, one thing the reader did do is it reacquainted me with some blogs I haven’t read in years and other blogs I’d never heard of. Here are some links for you to add to your reader (or whatever):

Carrie’s Blog My best friend and the sweetest, most artistic person I know (who actually DOES something with her talent no less!)

drunkenbee (I know she says she’s on a break, but she’s worth reading some archives so get to it!)

Miss Doxie


Oh, and I had to go looking for this, but I just had to share probably the most memorable and funny blog post EVER:

Here’s something funny. Master V and I were playing Trivial Pursuit
the other night. Now, I have to tell you that this is sort of a contentious
thing in our career together, as I am a huge fan of the game and he is…well,
to be honest, he hates to get his ass kicked. Thus, he normally refuses to play
with me. (Fact: I hate to lose more than he does. I’m not above cheating with
my teammates, either. Sue me.)

I am not saying that I am some idiot savant who can beat anybody
at Trivial Pursuit, I am just saying that Master V does not have nearly the
great repository of useless knowledge rolling around his head that I do. If
it were called “Musical Trivia and Obscure Sports Facts Pursuit,”
you can bet five thousand that he’d kill me every time.

Anyway, he decided (and it may have been the drink, maybe not)
that he’d play ONE game with me. I yippied and skippied and happily dragged
the game out from its hiding place underneath one of our sitting room chairs
(easily accessible!), and we commenced playing. I have to tell you, I love this
game. We played and giggled and made fun of each other’s stupid answers, but
there’s one that shall go down in Chao Camp history. It went a little something
like this:

Master V: Okay. You ready? Pay attention, because this
one’s really…easy as fuck. What kind of sighting became more common after
the movie Jaws was released?

AB: [thinking hard, taking helpful sip of drink] Um…oh!

Master V: What? A-what?

AB: Aluminum.

Master V: You want to rethink that? I don’t know what you’re
talking about.

AB: You know, aluminum! Aluminum siding. I don’t know why
that’s related to a movie about sharks…ohhhhh. Siding! Sighting! Goddamn
it! I want a do-over!

Master V: I don’t think so, Joel. [laughs hysterically]
Gaalrslkgjagbah! Paaaaah! Ha! Nice one, baby.

AB: Shutupihateyou. Shut! It! Hee. Aluminum siding. I should
win on retarded alone.

This is where we laugh ourselves silly for about 10 hours. Cut
to later, in the bed that night. “Baby, I want you to be careful this week
when you’re driving to work. I hear there have been several aluminum sightings
in the D/FW area.” “I will, don’t worry. My friend Jeff from work
accidentally got his leg bitten off in a nasty bungalow incident the other day.”

Aluminum sighting. If you think my journalling insecurities are
unfounded, know that shit like this is one of the reasons.

Please be careful out there. It’s still summer–prime season for
your house to eat you alive.

That’s from Hashai but she doesn’t write anymore – sigh – so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say she is my inspiration and I still aspire to be as funny as she is.

I also, probably WAY behind the times, found Dooce, which I love and think I may try to take more simple “here’s what I did today” photos. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do a “photo a day” but I can at least try for once a week or so. :)

Things I’ve learned this week

I’ve learned that I like red wine – not good wine, we’re talking the under $5 per bottle kind – but still, it’s wine and it’s in a bottle.  It’s a start

I’ve learned that I’m not happy being a homebody and I want to get out and meet people – any people.

I’ve learned that getting together with friends is one of my favorite activities.

I’ve learned that just because someone hurts you doesn’t mean you always get to act hurt for as long as you want.

I’ve learned that people who hurt you once WILL do it again – it’s not a matter of if, it’s when.

I’ve learned that being a good parent is more important to me than it is to others.

I’ve learned that I ROCK at Scene It! Even DeWayne says so, and that’s something!

I’ve learned that limeaid party isn’t as lame as it sounds…quite the opposite actually.

I’ve learned that being the bad guy is probably going to be my role in life for a long time and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’ve learned that I’ve been giving away my control over if I’m happy or not.

I’ve learned that I’m a sucker for people being nice to me – even if they’re not really.

I’ve learned that being angry at yourself for being a sucker is almost as bad as the anger you feel toward the person you believed.

I’ve learned that some people don’t think my friendship is worth anything.

I’ve learned that I know better.

I’ve learned that my kid is HILARIOUS.  (If you ask, I’ll explain what’s so funny about a Vietnamese restaurant or her reaction to hearing what was really “wrong “with the cat.)

I’ve learned that cat’s go into heat as early as 4 months old – Oreo is 5 months old.

I’ve learned that I have very few social skills and I’m too shy to use the ones I have very often.  (okay, I already knew that, but it bears repeating)

I’ve learned that I can never remember if “its” is with or without the appostrophe if it is the possessive one but I’m too lazy to look it up every time and I’m REALLY too lazy to spell it out every time.

I’ve learned I can’t remember if it’s bears or bares when saying “it bears repeating”

Yeah, so obviously you can tell from all that that it’s been an eventful couple weeks around here.  I really don’t want to go into details, mostly because I’m so tired of it all.  Suffice it to say that there have been some major changes in my life and I’m pretty sure that it’s all for the best…once I get over the anger and hurt.

Now for the fun stuff – I got my tax refund a few weeks ago and, of course, went on a (reserved) shopping spree for all the things we don’t buy any other time of year.   Here is a list of some of the things we got:

A new office chair (for the house office)

New outfits for Ally and I

4 (count them FOUR) new bras – all of them a different (much bigger) size than what I was wearing before.

2 new cd’s by Ray LaMontagne  – awesome

lots of other little stuff we needed and….

A NEW CAMERA!!  :)   A Canon EOS Digital Rebel.  It’s last year’s model and it was a floor model so it was on clearance.  Only problem is that now I want the really ooh la la lens for it and that costs almost as much as what I paid for the camera.  Oh well. maybe next year.

Okay – fingers are tired. I’m done for tonight.