Another Exciting Update

I can’t talk long, I have places to go soon, but I just HAD to tell you all about my life lately.

I may be getting a new job. It really depends on a lot of things as its not your “regular” job, but I’m seriously excited. Wanna know what it is? Of course you do.

I may become a Private Investigator!!

Yes, I’m serious. Stop laughing and I’ll explain.

During our last felony trial prep, I spent a lot of time with the P.I. that we had hired to work on the case. Apparently she was very impressed with me and that alone is an ego stroke for me. This woman was a sergeant with the LAPD for something like 15 years and has been working as a p.i. for quite some time. And she was impressed with ME and my “insight”. How freaking cool is that?? Anyway, during a break (when the boss was out of the room) she was talking about her work and I said something like “are you hiring” she asked if I was serious and when I said I was, she said that she had talked to her husband the night before about me and how impressed she was with me. He is also a P.I. She said that they had just had to let someone go and that they would love to sit down and talk to me about it. We didn’t have much time to talk and haven’t had since, so I have no idea about money, stability or anything else like that, but I will keep you updated – even if you don’t want me to :)

Also on the job front, the boss and I spent all Friday interviewing people for our job opening at the office. A couple of them really jumped out for me, but we have one more person to interview on Monday and then we’ll see. Speaking of which, I got the wonderful experience of talking to Launna on the phone the other day. I was calling another attorney’s office to get some information and the receptionist transferred me to her. Talk about a shock. I think I actually sounded happy to talk to her, only because my brain was frozen. I’m sure she could care less if I was happy or not, but at least I wasn’t rude and neither was she.

Still searching for a house but I got some seriously encouraging information from my finance guy, Bob, and it looks like I can actually afford a larger mortgage than I thought. That gives me a little more wiggle room when it comes to shopping, so yeehaw. I found a house that I really think is perfect for Ally and I, and told my realtor I wanted to make an offer, but he hasn’t gotten back to me. That pisses me off, to be honest, and I’m thinking I may just call the other realtor myself. My realtor said that he has been trying to get in touch with the other realtor for more than a week with no success, but that strikes me as odd since I’m sure he wants to get rid of the house and make some money on it instead of having it sit there. If the house gets sold out from under me because these two didn’t get together I will be SERIOUSLY pissed off.

Ok, that’s about it for now, I have to go shower and get ready for my day. See ya!